Monday, February 15, 2010

American Girl Day




Paige and I went to the American Girl store for her birthday today. For her present, she was able to pick out whatever doll she wanted and a few outfits. Initially, she wanted Josephina Montoya, but after we got to the store and wandered around, she chose Kit. I found a Just Like You doll that looked a lot like her (pigtails and bangs), but she had already made up her mind on Kit.

We picked out a Spring outfit for Kit, an American Girl Dallas shirt and skirt, and Kit's dog, Grace. Then we went to the Bistro to have lunch. Amazingly, the food was delicious-- I had the coconut chicken salad w/ a orange vinegrette and shevra-- possibly the best salad I have ever had in my life. Paige enjoyed her mini hot dog and fruit and veggies. Then the servers brought her a scoop of ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to her!

It was a very special day!
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